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Waupaca Chain Cartoon Map Available

Keith Prust estimates he spent more than 360 hours to create a cartoon map of the Chain O’ Lakes.  “I’m not super artistic, so I did a lot of erasing,” Taylor said.

Cartoon map Waupaca Chain


Prust, the owner of Taylor Lake Marine since the fall of 2011, said he started working on the map in late November 2015 and finished it in March.  “It was my winter project,” he said.

When he was finished, Prust took his drawing to Office Outfitters where the map was printed in sizes of 13-by-19 inches, 20-by 30 inches and 24-by-36 inches. Prices range from $40 to $80.

The maps may be purchased at Taylor Lake Marine, located at N2757 County Trunk QQ, Waupaca.  For the complete story www.WaupacaNow.com

Waupaca Chain Construction Zone

Waupaca Chain cleghorn constructionThere are no “Orange Barrels” up but, Cleghorn Road, in the heart of Waupaca Chain country, is a busy construction zone so you might want to slow down. There are two houses being extensively remodeled and one new home construction project moving along on Cleghorn.

Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Sold on McCrossen Lake

Waupaca Chain sold Grand View 300A nice three-bedroom home on Grand View Drive, with 33 feet of nice, sand bottom lake frontage has new owners.

The property was last listed for $399,000 and was on the market all last summer and then was off the market this past winter.

It was initially listed for $429,000. But, when the ice melted this spring, a buyer came in and bought the property rather quickly and started an extensive remodeling project so everything will be ready when the summer boating season begins.

Both the buyers and sellers were represented by Steve Huhta and Re/Max Lyons Real Estate. For a complete list of all Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes property sales including analysis of each sale please go to www.WaupacaWaterfront.com

The property was assessed for $293,300 at the time of the sale.  The property right next door was sold just a few years ago and the buyers for that property were also represented by Steve Huhta and Re/Max Lyons Real Estate.

To date, two properties have sold on the Chain this year.

There are currently 33 homes for sale on the Waupaca Chain, which is way down from the 54 that were waiting for buyers during the recession years.

County Proposes Zoning Changes to Allow Commercial Parking in Residential Areas

From the Waupaca County Post:
Wheel House Proposed Parking Lot - Leads to County zoning suggesting a change that would allow off-site commercial parking.  Before the owner of the Wheel House Restaurant purchased a property in an area zoned “residential” County zoning approved his proposed commercial parking lot.  Then, County zoning changed their mind and will not allow this parking lot. However, a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance may change that.

Waupaca Chain of Lakes Parking Wheel House 650

From the Waupaca County Post:  A restaurant’s off-site parking lot on the Chain O’ Lakes cannot be used under current zoning restrictions.  A proposed amendment to the ordinance may change that.

In the summer of 2015, the county zoning office informed Jeff Maiman, owner of the Wheelhouse in Farmington, that he could build an employee parking lot about one-quarter mile from his restaurant.

A Sept. 18 letter to Maiman from County Zoning Director Ryan Brown indicated his “project requires no authorization via the Waupaca County Planning and Zoning Office or administrative Committee’s permitting or rezone process in order to proceed.”

The parking lot is located on the corner of County Trunk Q and Pleasant Park Lane. It is unpaved and provides space for about 40 cars.

Residents in the area opposed the parking lot, arguing that it violated the zoning ordinance because the parcel was zoned residential.  “I live in a quiet, residential neighborhood,” said James Pekar, who owns property on Pleasant Park Lane. “That’s why I bought a house here. I shouldn’t have to worry about a parking lot being constructed across the street. They’re unsightly, dangerous, disruptive and they kill your property value.”

More Info at www.WaupacaNow.com



Stunning Big Hills Lake Log Home Between Waupaca and Wautoma

For Sale – Top of the line log home on Big Hills Lake just south of Waupaca

Recently, waterfront sellers on Big Hills Lake in Waushara County invited 4 area Realtors to make presentations so they could decide on an asking price for their high end – high finish log home. This couple also wanted to learn which Realtor had the most creative marketing plan, so they could sell as quickly as possible and for the highest possible price, by attaching the most possible out of town buyers.

After this extensive review process: Steve Huhta and ReMax Lyons Real Estate planted the for sale sign and began building a very unique and creative marketing plan.

Please check out this top of the line log home on a 135 acre deep, clear, water skiing lake just a little south of Waupaca.

Western Great Lakes Owl Survey to be Conducted on the Upper Chain

The following is from Phil Peterson’s Recent Newsletter Volunteer Coordinator – Pope Lake State Natural Area – Upper Chain, Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes
Waupaca Chain o lakes knights lake
Our first formally scheduled programs begin next month but we may go for an owl walk before then if we start hearing their calls. As I did last year I will be sending out a calendar prior to each month listing the date, time, and meeting place.

To receive Phil’s newsletter and calendar please drop Phil an email at Phil Peterson

We will again be conducting a modified Western Great Lakes Owl Survey. The Survey follows nationally-standardized protocols and asks observers to record all owls detected during a five-minute listening period at several locations (we will be doing only two). We will transmit the calls of the four owls we are most likely to find in our area, the Great Horned, Barred, Screech, and Saw-Whet, and listen for their response calls (last year we heard three of the four).

We will meet at N2417 Knight Lane about a half hour before sunset to listen to the recorded calls of these owls as well as talk a little about their life history. Next we drive to the Pope Lake State Natural Area to make our first set of observations. We will then drive to the Whispering Pines area to do the second set.

The survey can only be done on a calm, precipitation-free evening. You will need to dress appropriately for the weather and be prepared to walk on hilly, possibly snow-covered roads. Season: March to May.