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Jeffy Fish Found in Waupaca County Lake – Not the Chain

From the Stevens Point Journal:

Jelly fish WaupacaWAUPACA – A relatively rare species of invasive freshwater jellyfish has been confirmed to be living in a Waupaca County lake, the Golden Sands Resource Conservation & Development Council said Tuesday. A resident reported the unusual animals at Spencer Lake last week and Paul Skawinski, an invasive species expert from Stevens Point, visited the lake and confirmed the report, the council said. The council is a conservation organization that works in several central Wisconsin counties.

The jellyfish are about the size of a penny and originate in China; they first were observed in Wisconsin in the late 1960s and are believed to have arrived by clinging to aquatic plants that were imported for water gardens or aquarium use, and later escaped to the wild during flooding events or through illegal dumping of aquarium water or plants. A total of 94 Wisconsin water bodies are currently known to contain freshwater jellyfish, the council said.

Freshwater jellyfish haven’t been studied enough to determine their impact on Wisconsin’s ecosystems. They feed on zooplankton, the same food source of young fish, so they may affect fish populations. According to Skawinski, the jellyfish do contain stinging cells on their tentacles as saltwater jellyfish do, but the cells are harmless to humans.

“Their stinging cells are only effective against small creatures like plankton. They are too small to pierce human skin, so they pose no threat to swimmers or other lake users,” he said.

Anyone who observes freshwater jellyfish or another aquatic invasive species is asked to contact Golden Sands RC&D Council at 715-343-6215, or

Computer – Appliance Recycling – Friday October 10th

Electronics Recycling Event: Friday, October 10, 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the Waupaca K-Mart parking lot. The following items will be accepted at no cost: computers, servers, laptops, gaming systems, speaker systems, office phones, PBXs, cell phones, tablets, PDAs, keyboards, mice, cords, printers, copiers, radios, treadmills, microwaves and stoves; $10 each for proper disposal of computer monitors; $20 each for televisions and Freon appliances (refrigerators, freezers, A/Cs, dehumidifiers, etc.).  Fees help to ensure safe and proper disposal of these items. Sponsored by the City of Waupaca and the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce.

Taylor Lake House Sells, on Harbor Bar Side of the Lake

Waupaca Chain O Lakes sold N2747 PARK LANE DRThis Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes – Taylor Lake house with 50 feet of frontage was on the market for a little over a year before selling recently.

The home featured 3 bedroom, 1 bath, fireplace, large deck with 2 gazebos, 2 car detached garage and 1,217 Sq Ft of living space.

The home was listed for $360,000 and had a tax bill assessed value of $354,900 at the time of the sale.

Holes Being “Punched” Around the Waupaca Chain

The folks from Schaffer Well drilling have been busy ”punching holes” all around the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes lately.  Lots of old sand points wells in Chain country so well drillers are keeping busy pounding big new wells and fixing older pumps … Schafer Well Drilling & Pump Installation 920-446-2245

The Shafer crew had to work “well” to get their rig up between the trees on Grand View Drive recently:
Waupaca Chain O' Lakes Shaffer well drilling

Unsolicited Offer Leads to Waupaca Chain Sale

N2445 E MinerThis small – 768 sq ft – 3 seasons cottage built on blocks – sold recently. The cottage has 67 feet of sand lake bottom frontage, 2 bedrooms and a great view looking West across Miner Lake on the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes.

The property was never listed for sale as the buyer – who was represented by Steve Huhta, REMAX Lyons Real Estate – made an unsolicited offer to the owners of this property.

This slice of land on the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes had a property tax bill assessment of $3445,000 at the time of the sale

For a complete list of all Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes properties that have sold or are currently for sales please CLICK HERE

Bank Owned Waupaca Chain Home Sells “Quick-O”

N2442 W MINER DRThis Waupaca Chain O’ Lake year-around foreclosed – bank owned – log home sold very quickly.  The property consisted of a quarter of an acre of land with 60 feet of sand lake bottom frontage facing east across Miner Lake.

The home has 3 bedrooms, 1,925 sq ft, 2 full baths and a very large detached garage.

Last listed at$429,900 this log home had an assessed value of $431,000.