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Internet Connected Thermostats can Save Energy and Massive Headaches on the Waterfront

Waterfront homeowners are many times away from their home or second home for extended periods of time so …. now is the time to consider an Internet connected thermostat.

The most hyped is the “Nest” which Google bought out a while back.

Not only can you adjust your home’s temperature – up or down from your phone or computer by using an “app” connected across the Internet and your homes Wi-Fi network but you can also monitor a home’s temperature while you are not there.
Waupaca Chain O Lakes Nest
The Nest also has automatic features that “learn” when you are away and adjust the temperature to save energy. These devices are designed to save energy but, for a waterfront home owner this type of tech gadget can save a home from “freezing up” when the furnace quits and the owner is away, which then prevents massive home owner headaches.

The link below shows some of the features of the Nest learning thermostat.


Each year we hear about homes around the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes that freeze up – causing major water damage while the owner was away and the furnace stopped working. When a Nest or other Internet connected thermostat is connected in a home the owner can monitor their vacant home’s temperature, adjust the heat or AC up or down when they are away or just before arriving back home. And, many of these high tech thermostats can be programed to alert owners when the temperature goes outside of a preset range.

Again, each year we hear of waterfront homes that freeze up and have extensive damage when the homeowner is away so one of these gadgets should be on every second homeowner’s list, if they have a computer or smart phone.

Cool Summer This Year However – 2014 Real Estate Sales on the Chain O’ Lakes are hot, Hot, HOT!

Cool Summer This Year However – 2014 Real Estate Sales on the Chain O’ Lakes are hot, Hot, HOT!

2013 was a strong year for Real Estate sales on “The Chain” although the number of home sales – 17 transactions – was down from 24 transactions that occurred in 2012. However, the number of transactions last year was more than double what we saw during the recession years.

So let’s talk this year’s numbers:

Prior to the start of the recession (2007) there were 15 real estate transactions. Through the recession years of 2008 to 2011, there were 7-8 yearly real estate transactions on “The Chain” each year. Then things began to heat up and in 2012 the mercury shot up through the top of the thermometer with 24 real estate transactions before the end of the year.

This Chain selling season this year started out “hot,” in spite of the cooler weather during the summer with 28 transactions so far, year to date. Yes, a record breaking – very hot year and it is not over!

Waupaca Chain O' Lakes Chart sold 29

When analyzing Chain sales over the past several years, clearly the recession for waterfront purchases came to an end in 2012.

And, Chain home sales this year have been spread all across the value spectrum – from well over the million dollar number to a low of $190,000.

At one point in 2011 there were 54 homes for sale on the Chain. Today, there are between 32 and 35 properties with for sale signs posted (and without pending status the MLS)

Additional analysis also reveals an interesting phenomenon…

When reviewing homes that sold for under $450,000 in 2013, 9 of the 10 sales saw a price that was below, the tax assessed, fair market value. This trend changed in 2014 – but, the disparity has narrowed this year – with only 7 out of 16 transactions again below their tax assessed fair market value in the lower price category.

In contrast, of the homes that sold for over $450,000, the selling price in 6 out of 7 transactions in 2013 were higher than the tax assessed, fair market value. This trend continued in 2014 with 7 out of 10 homes listed for over $450,000, selling for more than the tax assessed fair market value.

This past summer, there were 3 to 4 new homes being built or just finished along Waupaca’s Chain O’ Lakes shores. In some cases, prior to the recession, the buyer chose a residence more for its land, location and waterfront access. Only to tear down the existing property and rebuild their new home on the existing lot. In this instance, 3 of the 4 homes under construction now were owned and lived in before deciding on new construction, thereby investing in their properties, so they may enjoy these homes, long term.

If you’re thinking of selling your Chain property, Waterfront and Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes property specialist Steve Huhta and his office of Re/Max Lyons Real Estate were trusted in 2013, with more transaction sides than any other Realtor or real estate company in the area. This team is well informed and always updated as to current sales and marketing trends so they are your most reliable source for current information regarding Chain O’ Lakes real estate transactions.

For a complete list of Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes properties for sale as well as “Insider” information on homes that have recently sold, visit www.WaupacaWaterFront.com.

You will be glad you did!


28th Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Home Sells – on Dake Lake

channel park soldThe new owners of this property will be enjoying 68 feet firm bottom lake frontage on quiet – slow, no wake Dake Lake.  The home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a great room with a wood fireplace.

Originally listed for $389,000 in mid May of this year and listed for $374,900 at the time of sale – this one did not take long to change owners.  At the time of the sale the property had a fair market assessment of $384,000.

This is the 28 Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes property to sell this year, which compares to 18 last year.

There are currently 35 properties for sale on the Chain which compares to 53 that were for sale in the middle of the recession.

For a complete list of all Waupaca Chain Properties for sale and that have sold please click:  www.WaupacaWaterFront.com

Simpson’s Restaurant Tree

Amy and her band of elves (Wikipedia: elves seem generally to have been thought of as a group of beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty) did a “magical” job decorating the restaurant again this year – be sure to check it out

Waupaca Chain of Lakes Simpsons tree


Two New Chain Homes For Sale

Waupaca chain of lakes for sale waterfront

Two new Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes homes just came on the market – both are very unique properties and have great swimming.  Call for all the details: Steve Huhta, Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes expert and top waterfront sales agent.  For a Complete list of all Waupaca Chain and other water skiing lakes properties for sales go to www.WaupacaWaterFront.com

Waupaca Schools Raise Taxes

Waupaca Chain of Lakes school picProperty owners in the Waupaca School District will see their tax levy rise by more than $900,000 in 2015.

The school board unanimously approved a nearly $15.55 million tax levy at its budget hearing on Oct. 28. That equates to a tax rate of $11.16 per $1,000 of equalized value, about 51 cents higher than last year.

“The district again lost a significant amount of state aid,” District Administrator Dave Poeschl said, explaining the tax increase. Waupaca will receive just over $8.55 million in state aid in 2014-15, about $357,000 less than the district received in 2013-14. Carl Hayek, the district’s business manager, noted that the Waupaca School District has seen its level of state funding drop by nearly $3.8 million over the past six years. – See more at: Waupaca County Post

Citations Issued by DNR Wardens Fall Under Scott Walker Administration

From the Journal Sentinel:

DNR citations Citations issued by state conservation wardens have fallen sharply at the Department of Natural Resources under the administration of Gov. Scott Walker, an analysis by a wildlife group released on Wednesday shows.

Enforcement of all types of conservation-related violations fell 28% between 2011 and 2013 compared with 2003 to 2010, when Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle was in office.

Citations ranged from a high of 19,474 in 2007 to a low last year of 12,393, records show.

During Walker’s term, environmental groups have expressed worries that the DNR is not as aggressive in enforcing environmental and conservation laws as past administrations.

DNR records bear this out, but agency officials say they remain as vigilant as ever.

For balance of story Click Here

Town of Dayton – Spending Big on Legal Fees

From Waupaca County Post

Dayton’s legal expenses to save the Little Hope dam have risen to more than $54,000.


At the Dayton Town Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 16, John Hebbring questioned the rising attorneys’ fees during public input. “I don’t know if the town should be paying for the Little Hope dam problems,” Hebbring said. “That’s an awful lot of money.” Hebbring wanted to know why the town, rather than the Little Hope Lake District, is paying for the legal costs associated with the dam. “The county is suing the town, and the lawsuit that has been filed has been filed against the town officials,” Dayton Town Chairman Chris Klein said. “Defending those lawsuits is a town responsibility.”

In June, a hearing on the dam was held before an administrative law judge. The town of Dayton, the lake district and a group of residents who live on what had been the Little Hope Mill Pond challenged a DNR permit to remove the dam. Dayton has asked the DNR to transfer the dam either to the town or the lake district. In May, Waupaca County filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the Little Hope Lake District. Don and Linda Holtebeck and Cathy Miller filed a lawsuit against Chris Klein, Glen Newsome and the Little Hope Lake District in November 2013, alleging election fraud at the special meeting of lake district electors. Judge Raymond Huber stayed the results of the election of lake district board members until the case is resolved.

In January 2014, Klein and an attorney representing Dayton filed three notices of circumstances with Waupaca County. The notices were the first step in litigation seeking damages for removal of the dam. “I can’t say that there shouldn’t be any more legal fees, but the majority of the legal fees should be finished,” Klein said at the Sept. 16 town board meeting. “I still fail to understand whose responsibility it is that we are being sued,” Hebbring said. “I made many, many attempts to work out an arrangement with the county board, county board members and the county board’s attorneys,” Klein said. “In each and every case, we were told they didn’t want to talk with us.”

Klein said the total attorneys’ fees for the county, the lake district, the town and residents has exceeded $200,000 and has resulted in “a terrible and tragic waste.” He also defended the town’s involvement in legal efforts to save the dam because he believes its removal has affected the groundwater flow near the abandoned landfill. “We have about $1 million invested in the groundwater monitoring well network,” Klein said. Klein said he expects a decision from the administrative law judge by Oct. 8. – See more at: http://www.waupacanow.com/Content/News/Waupaca-News/Article/Legal-costs-still-rising-in-Dayton/7/16/24562#sthash.ZNq2SAdx.dpuf


Drug Trafficking Reported on Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes

From the Waupaca County Post http://www.waupacanow.com

Investigators report finding five pounds of marijuana at a home on the Chain O’ Lakes.

Thomas R. Masura, 51, Waupaca, is charged with felony manufacture of marijuana, drug trafficking, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia. On Sept. 29, Deputy Patrick McClone and Sgt. Kevin Studzinski, with the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office, were in a boat near the mouth of Emmons Creek when they observed what appeared to be cannabis growing in a bog off of South Tammy Trail.

On Oct. 20, law enforcement pulled over Masura’s motor home as it traveled southbound on I-94 in Racine County. They reported finding over six pounds of marijuana in the vehicle. That same day, Waupaca County deputies executed a search warrant at Masura’s home on South Tammy Trail in Waupaca. They reported finding a total of five pounds, as well as $4,400 in $100 bills. -

See more at: http://www.waupacanow.com/Content/Courts/Courts/Article/Drug-trafficking-reported-on-Chain/9/25/24941#sthash.p2ZKuepE.dpuf

Iconic Cottage on Nessling Lake – Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Sells

Waupaca Chain O Lakes sold grand view
Sold on Waupaca Chain O’ Lake – with great view of Nessling and Rainbow Lakes. 2 cottages – one on the water plus a 2 car garage and deep lot make this a very unique property.

With 94 feet of frontage and sand lake bottom, the new owners will have great swimming when the temps heat up next year.

Last listed at $499,800 the property is currently assessed for $405,500.

The buyers are from California and were represented by Steve Huhta and Re/Max Lyons Real Estate.

For more information about all Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes properties for sale or sold please go to www.WaupacaWaterFront.com