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Despite a Cool Start to Summer This Year, So Far – 2014 Real Estate Sales on the Chain O’ Lakes are hot, Hot, HOT!

2013 was a strong year on “The Chain” although the number of home sales – 17 transactions – was down from 24 transactions that occurred in 2012 however, the number of transactions last year was more than double what we saw during the recession years .

So let’s talk numbers:

Prior to the start of the recession (2007) there were 15 real estate transactions. Through the recession years of 2008 to 2011, there were 7-8 yearly real estate transactions on “The Chain” each year. Then things began to heat up and in 2012 the mercury shot up through the top of the thermometer with 24 real estate transactions before the end of the year.

This Chain selling season has started out “hot,” in spite of the cooler weather at the start of the summer with 16 transactions so far, year to date. That number is derived from 13 closings and 3 pending sales.

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Real Estate graphic number sold

When analyzing Chain sales over the past several years, clearly the recession for waterfront purchases came to an end in 2012.

And, Chain home sales this year have been spread all across the value spectrum – from well over the million dollar number to a low of $190,000.

At one point in 2011 there were 54 homes for sale on the Chain. Today, there are 40 properties with for sale signs posted (and without pending status the MLS)

Additional analysis also reveals an interesting phenomenon…

When reviewing homes that sold for under $450,000 in 2013, 9 of the 10 sales saw a price that was below, the tax assessed, fair market value. This trend continued in 2014, with 5 out of 6 transactions again below their tax assessed fair market value in the lower price category.

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Real Estate graphic under

In contrast, of the homes that sold for over $450,000, the selling price in 6 out of 7 transactions in 2013 were higher than the tax assessed, fair market value. This trend continued in 2014 with 6 out of 6 homes listed for over $450,000, selling for more than the tax assessed fair market value.

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Real Estate graphic Over

Right now, there are 3 to 4 new homes being built or just finished along Waupaca’s Chain O’ Lakes shores. In some cases, the buyer chose a residence more for its land, location and waterfront access. Only to tear down the existing property and rebuild their new home on the existing lot. In this instance, 3 of the 4 homes under construction now were owned and lived in before deciding on new construction, thereby investing in their properties, so they may enjoy these homes, long term.

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Rainbow Lake Cutie Sells

N2840 Rainbow Dr

Rainbow lake welcomes the new owners of this cottage just in time for summer.

Listed for $675,000, the Fair Market Tax Assessed Value was $599,300. This 1504 Square foot cottage has 3 Bedroom and and amazing 133 feet of sandy frontage on Rainbow Lake.

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Another Taylor Lake Home Sold

E1763 Pine Ridge Ln

Taylor lake sees it second sale this year

This Chain home on went on the market last Fall. It has 46 feet of water frontage, 1,400 sq ft of living space with 4 bedrooms.

At the time of the sale the property was listed for $349,900 and had an assessed value of $331,300.

Taylor Lake Home Sells

E1711 Pine Ridge Ln

A Taylor Lake home near the boat landing sells. This 2825 Sq. Ft. home features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open concept design and 50 feet of frontage.

This 1 story home was last listed for $350,000 and had an assessed fair market property tax value of $392,700.

So What Going on in the Casino Parking Lot ?? Faulks Brother Trucks and Dirt Moving…

Casino Bridge location to undergo sewer upgrade.

Motorists may notice the arrival of a large crane and additional heavy equipment, this week across from the Indian Crossing Casino and Dings Dock Parking Lot. The Waupaca Sanitary district began planning the upgrade last fall with the assistance of Woolsey Plumbing of Waupaca.

“Now is the best time to move on the project” said Bill Woolsey. “We want to address the situation before sewer usage increases”. “July and August being the busiest of months on The Chain.” The project will involve raising the “wet well” in order to provide better access to the 10 ft. diameter well, below. “Once one of our workers drops down below the Manhole access cover, it’s difficult to see and communicate with the worker.” Bill stated. “This poses a potential danger, should the worker be overcome by fumes or injures oneself in some way.”

The project itself will involve surrounding the existing well with steel sheeting. The sheeting will be pounded into the ground and the roadway will also require extra support while the project is underway. “We have planned the project so traffic on Highway Q should only be affected for 2-3 days once everything is ready”. The work is scheduled to begin again the week of April 28th. Traffic Control will be on hand to handle the single lane closure for those 2-3 days. Boat traffic beneath the Casino Bridge will not be affected.

“This wet well has been handling sewage on the chain for over 30 years” Stated Bill Woolsey. These improvements will make ongoing maintenance, such as vacuum cleaning access, easier to perform in the coming years. The finished project may take a few weeks but the ultimate goal is to allow safer and more effective maintenance of the sewer system for this area of The Chain O’ Lakes.

Another Long Lake Home Sells


Long lake on the Waupaca Chain O’Lakes has been a popular spot this year for home sales with the third Long lake home to sell this year.

This 2700 Sq. Ft. home features 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and recently updated kitchen. This move in ready home has 92 feet of sand frontage facing south. The for sale listing dates back almost 4 years.

This 2 story home was last listed for $689,500 and had an assessed fair market property tax value of $506,800.

Long Lake Luxury Custom Home Sold

Tammy Trail

This brand new – never lived in home has 3,900 sq ft of living space all on one floor, 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms.

It has 122 feet of frontage on Long Lake with good swimming and panoramic views.

This spacious Waupaca Chain property was last listed for $1,640,000 and had an assessed fair market property tax value of $1,117,100. The property was first listed in October of 2009.

Kayak Launch to “Takeoff” on Grandview Road – Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes

The town of Farmington has leased an “out lot” – old fire lane that the township owns, to Waupaca County so the County Parks department can develop the land as a kayak launch.

According to Roger Holman, Waupaca County Parks Director, there will be about 3 vehicle parking spots on the Township land. In addition, a new fence will be installed on the south side of the property.

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Town of Farmington Surveys Township owned Outlot on Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Real Estate GIS out lot Grand View

The Town of Farmington has surveyed and taken down a tree on a waterfront “outlot” located on the McCrossen Lake, Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes – Grandview Rd.

According to minutes from a recent Township meeting: a Farmington property owner contacted the Township regarding having them take down a dead tree on the out lot. The Township ordered a survey of the land they own. This survey revealed several “encroachments” on the Township’s land … see meeting minutes below.

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Real Estate Minutes out lot

Full Town of Farmington meeting minutes 9-16-13

Out Lot Survey

Dake Lake Cottage Sells, Evoking Warm Thoughts of Summer.

Channel parkGetting prepared for Summer after a frigid February the new owners of this cottage moved forward to close the sale on this Dake Lake waterfront property, which had only been on the market for 8 months.

Listed for $199,900, the Fair Market Tax Assessed Value was $188,400. This 630 Square foot cottage has 2 Bedroom and 35 feet of frontage on Dake Lake.

For a complete list of properties for sale or for a list of all Chain properties sold; please go to

Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Water Patrol to Float a New Boat

New Chain O’ Lakes Water Patrol Boat will be a $15,000 1750 Fish Hawk SC.

Sheriff_1In last Monday’s joint meeting of the Townships of Dayton and Farmington, the waterskiing hours proposal was not discussed as it was struck from the agenda until the June meeting as mentioned in our earlier story. The townships did vote unanimously to purchase a new Water Patrol Boat.
The following two bids were submitted:

Amherst Marine
1750 Fish Hawk SC – 17 1/2’ $15,259.00
Mercury 90EXLPT FourStroke
Shoreland’r CRV30BLW Black Bunk Trailer

Becker Marine
Alumacraft Dominator 175CS 17 1/2’ $19,322.00
Alumacraft Competition 175 CS n 17 ½’ $18,360.00
Evinrude 90HP E-TEC
Shore Landr’ Trailer

The boards voted to accept the bid from Amherst Marine, Inc. for a price of $15,259.00. The motion carried by unanimous voice vote. Next a motion was accepted to have the Town of Farmington’s Chairman Dale Trinrud take charge of lettering, lights etc. for the new patrol boat.

The Patrol boat is to be paid for by the township of Farmington (60%) and the township of Dayton (40%). The boat and its operating expenses will be submitted for reimbursement from the State of Wisconsin, where typically 60% of these funds are reimbursed.

The Townships also pay for other safety expenses on The Chain O’ Lakes such as buoys.

The sheriff’s department pays for their officers to man the patrol boat and they determine the hours of operation. The Town Boards may suggest hours of patrol but this is mainly left up to the Sherriff’s department, according to Dale Trinrud.

Shoreline view corridors hiked to 100 feet

Article by the Waupaca County Post at

The Waupaca County Board voted against a Zoning Committee recommendation to maintain a 30-foot restriction on clear cutting along waterfront property.


Supervisors voted Tuesday, Feb. 18, to amend the county’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.

The most controversial of the amendments involved changes to the regulations that prohibit waterfront property owners from clear cutting trees and vegetation within 50 feet of the shoreline.

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Enacted in 1997, the ordinance originally allowed property owners to clear no more than a 30-foot-wide view corridor between their homes and the shore. Continue reading

From the Waupaca County Post: Dayton considers leasing boat launches to county

From the Waupaca County Post:

Dayton and Waupaca County are considering a possible agreement to lease the town’s boat landings to the county.

“The possibility of moving management of the landings to the county is in a preliminary phase of discussion,” according to Roger Holman, the county parks and recreation director.

Holman said the county Parks and Recreation Committee is unlikely to make any decision to lease the boat landings until there is public input on the matter in the town of Dayton.

“We need public involvement on this,” Holman told the County Post.

Waupaca Chain O Lakes 2

“We will not be acting on a lease at this time because we have not yet sat down with Waupaca County for a discussion of conditions and have not yet drafted a document,” Dayton Town Chairman Chris Klein said in an email responding to concerns raised by Dayton residents Casey Plunkett and Marilyn Dixon.

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Waupaca County Post: Waupaca Chain Ski Hours

Chain ski hours stay same — From the Waupaca County Post

Efforts to expand water skiing hours on the Chain O’ Lakes have run into a roadblock.

At a joint meeting of the town boards of Dayton and Farmington Monday, Feb. 17, discussion of a proposal to change the ski hours was removed from the agenda.
Water Skiing Waupaca Chain O' Lakes
“The hours will stay the same,” according to Farmington Town Chairman Dale Trinrud.

At its Jan. 25 meeting, the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Association board voted 8-6 to recommend the towns of Dayton amend their ordinances to expand the hours for water skiing.

That issue was discussed briefly at a Jan. 28 Dayton Town Board meeting when Town Chairman Chris Klein explained the process for amending the ordinances. He said any amendment would require a joint public hearing. Both towns would need to pass the amendment.

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