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Waupaca Chain Vacant Lot Sell – Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes

Vacant lot sales are very rare on the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes but, this one has sold twice in 3 years.

This 20,171 Sq Ft lot on Round Lake, with 50 feet of frontage and sand lake bottom sold back in 2012 for $610,000.  It was listed by a local bank at $569,000 when it changed hands just recently.

By Chain standards, this is a very large lot measured in Sq Ft but, rather small lake frontage.

Tax Map 725

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Wheel House Parking Lot – Letters to the Editor

From the Waupaca County Post Letter to the editor: Parking lot solves overflow problem

Jeff Maiman, owner of the Wheelhouse Restaurant, distributed this letter at the Oct. 2 meeting at Farmington Town Hall.
Waupaca chain o lakes Parking lot GIS

For over 37 years I have owned and operated the Wheelhouse Restaurant and have always strived to provide a quality dining/entertainment experience. At the same time, by my nature and as a matter of good business practice, I have also strived to be a good citizen of the immediate community in which I operate. Most of you know me personally and/or have been a valued customer of my establishment and would, I hope, agree with the foregoing statements.

I am aware that some members of the Chain O’ Lakes community (and particularly the residents along Pleasant Park Lane) are concerned with my plans for a parking area on land I recently purchased at the corner of Pleasant Park Lane and County Highway Q. It is regrettable that those who appear most concerned have not sought to contact me directly and are therefore, I believe, misinformed about my intentions. I hope by this communication to clear up any misconceptions you may have and set the record straight as to how I arrived at this juncture and why I believe my small project to be beneficial for all concerned.

First, the facts. I purchased the property in question to alleviate a (mostly) summer parking problem at the Wheelhouse. I employ a large staff to prepare and serve the food and beverages you all enjoy and to park employee vehicles at the restaurant would greatly reduce parking available for customers. To eliminate this problem, I some years ago began renting space on the west side of County Highway Q exclusively for the use of my employees. My employees walk to work from their vehicles and my customers therefore have had less of a challenge finding a parking space on or near the restaurant grounds.
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Judge Declares Crystal River, Dayton Township, Little Hope Lake District Void

After years of conflict, the Little Hope Lake District was dissolved by court order.

“The Little Hope Lake District is not valid nor currently in existence and is void ab initio,” according to an order issued by Judge Raymond Huber.

The order brings to a close three years of conflict and litigation over the lake district’s existence.
As part of the stipulations in Huber’s order, the Dayton Town Board will vote at its Oct. 20 meeting to rescind the Sept. 2012 resolution that created the lake district.
Waupaca Chain O' Lakes Little hope dam
For balance of story – Waupaca County Post

Columbia Lake – Waupaca Chain Property Sells Twice in 10 Years

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Miner sold columbia johnsonThis gorgeous, Waupaca Strongwood Log and Timber Homes custom designed, home with 100 feet of sand bottom water frontage sold in October after being on the market for just a little over 2 months.

The property sold 10 years ago as a tear down.

The last listing price for this 3,647 Sq Ft home with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths was $899,900

Tax assessed for $811,100 this sale continues the trend of Waupaca Chain homes valued over $450,000 selling for more than their assessed value.

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Close to the Water, Miner Lake – Waupaca Chain House Sells

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Miner sold Hwy Q

After being on the market for 3 ½ years this Miner Lake 3 bedroom house has sold.

The property is on the smallish side with 50 feet of good sand frontage but only 42 feet of depth. The year around home has 1,472 Sq Ft, a nice deck and a great view of Miner Lake.

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Shoreland Zoning – Clear as Mud

As part of the 2015-16 state budget, Wisconsin lawmakers made significant changes to the state’s shoreland zoning regulations (NR 115). These changes went into effect on July 14, 2015, and have created some confusion for county zoning administrators, property owners and REALTORS®. Most of the confusion is the result of trying to figure out what county shoreland zoning ordinances can and cannot regulate as the result of these new changes.

To help clear up some of the confusion, this article highlights five key issues related to the new changes and provides some insight as to how these issues may affect the regulation of shoreland property in your county.

State shoreland zoning regulations (NR 115) are no longer minimum standards
Waupaca Chain O Lakes fall lime kiln lake
Since 1966, the state’s shoreland zoning standards (NR 115) were considered minimum standards, and all counties except Milwaukee County were required to adopt shoreland zoning standards that met or exceeded the standards in NR 115. Accordingly, most county shoreland zoning ordinances contained provisions that were more restrictive than the standards in NR 115. However, under the new law, counties cannot regulate a matter more restrictively than NR 115. Thus, if a matter is regulated by NR 115, counties have to follow the state standards, which include:

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Wheel House Parking Lot Causes Waves on the Waupaca Chain

A restaurant’s plan to create additional parking space drew a crowd of Chain O’ Lakes residents to Farmington Town Hall Friday, Oct. 2.

Many of the people who live in the area are opposed to the planned parking lot.

Jeff Maiman, the owner of the Wheelhouse Restaurant, spoke to those in attendance about why his business needs the additional parking.

Maiman purchased a wooded 4-acre parcel on the corner of Pleasant Park Lane and County Trunk Q, about one-quarter mile from the restaurant.

For more Details see the Waupaca County Post

Site plan for proposed parking lot on Chain.  Click to enlarge.

Record Number of Steps to the Chain’s Waters

Mark Rolf – from Rolf’s Stone & Landscape ( 715-281-0038) and “Big Mike” – from Mike Filiatrault Contracting (715-281-4734) combined for an “interesting” project on Otter Lake, Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes…

Mark Rolf built 113 steps down a hill loaded with big rock that hooked up to a Mike Filiatrault constructed walk way across some low land and then Mike added a nice permanent pier out into Otter Lake.  This was not an easy project for either contractor but these contractors work resulted in a Chain property owner now having a nice configuration of stairs, a “dry land” walk way and permanent pier that will enhance the property and the owners enjoyment of the Waupaca Chain.

Waupaca Chaib O Lakes Otter Steps

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Otter Dock



Chain Area Storage Buildings Almost Ready

Storage units on the corner of old Highway 22 and State Highway 22, very near the Chain O’ Lakes, are nearing completion… 715–258–7117 for more info.

From personal experience, storage buildings are experiencing very low vacancy rates so these units are a nice addition to the Waupaca area.